Monthly Support Group

"Working in a group was really beneficial because I felt less alone in my aches and pain.  I like seeing others being healed so quickly." 


                                -Amanda O.

In order to support you in these challenging times, Dr. Milad is starting a monthly support call to provide continuing assistance to our community! Check out the details below:

A Monthly

Group Call to Provide Energetic Support & Strengthening

Join on us live on Zoom, or listen later to experience the full effects at your convenience!

  • Are you having trouble with pain? 

  • How about stress?

  • Or do insomnia, fatigue, depression or other problems bother you? If so, this monthly support group is for you!

  • Stay healthy, wealthy and happy on a consistent basis with ongoing monitoring of your issues, and ongoing strengthening to put REAL power behind your actions and intentions. 


  • Dr. Milad (Naturopathic Doctor and Yuen Method Master) will provide clarity and guide you towards success and fulfillment in life, as he pinpoints the hidden weaknesses sabotaging your vitality and abundance. 

  • Members have described their experiences during the meetings as "amazing," "supportive" and "kind of shocking!"

  • Based on the groundbreaking techniques of Dr. Kam Yuen, DC, the Yuen Method has assisted hundreds of thousands of people in improving their lives and relieving their symptoms—on the spot!


  • The cost is $47 per meeting. We meet every 2 weeks, Fridays at 4 pm PST.  

  • Meetings are recorded so you can listen again for additional strengthening or benefit from the effects even when you can't make it live!

  • Come experience the powerful group energy for yourself as we are all strengthened to whatever comes our way.