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Meet Dr Milad—The Pain & Stress Doc! He works with a wide spectrum of health concerns across all ages, focusing on pain & stress management, mental health, digestive complaints, allergies autoimmunity and other complex chronic illnesses. Having extensively studied Naturopathic modalities (such as herbs, nutrition, exercise and counseling) as well as oriental medicine and bodywork allows him to find the best techniques for each individual's problems. 


As a former chronic back pain sufferer, Dr. Milad knows how important it is to get results. He is dedicated to providing options to you that are safe and effective and meeting you wherever you happen to be at this time.


We are all born with the ability to heal and return to a more normal state of being. We often notice how children and animals have a natural happiness, fitness and resiliency, without needing to do all that much to maintain it. This is because their systems are running more automatically, closer to the way they were designed to. The ultimate goal is to get your system back to its original, most natural design, using the body intelligence that guides all living beings. 

As we go through life, things happen that slow down or overwhelm our system’s natural ability to perform optimally. We tune up our cars and debug our computers on a regular basis; it only makes sense for the internal systems that run our body, mind and spirit to need a tune-up sometimes!

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