Meet Dr Milad—the Virtual Pain & Stress Dr! One of his favored modalities is the Yuen Method®, an innovative energetic technique developed by Dr. Kam Yuen (a 35th generation Shao Lin Grandmaster and chiropractic doctor)! Dr Milad employs this technique to resolve pain, stress and other weakening influences on your system. The work is based on the innate intelligence of living organisms, which allows users to identify and remove anything standing in the way of the body’s perfect original design. Each of us is like a living biological computer with a perfectly designed operating system. As we live life, things happen that slow down or overwhelm our system’s natural ability to perform optimally. We tune up our cars and debug our digital computers on a regular basis; it only makes sense for the internal computers that run our body, mind and spirit to need a tune-up sometimes!


A Yuen Method session can be performed either in person or virtually (by phone or video). After a session, clients usually feel more balanced, grounded and calmer, with less pain and other symptoms. Dr Milad may also make nutritional and exercise recommendations to increase the effects and ensure that you continue to improve on a consistent basis. The ultimate goal is to get your system back to its original, most natural design. We often notice how children and animals have a natural happiness, fitness and resiliency, without needing to do all that much to

maintain it. This is because their systems are running more automatically, closer to the way they were designed to.

As we grow up in this world, we can lose the connection to this way of being, for reasons often beyond our control. But innate

intelligence allows us to reconnect to our true identity, as well as the right answers to resolve problems at all levels.