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Teaching young girls how to nourish their body, mind & spirit

Do you remember how awkward it was talking to your Mom or asking questions about your body as a teen? 


So many of us wish we could turn back time, to know what we didn't when we were younger. 

Luckily, if you have a young woman in your life, it's not too late to change her life and to give her the answers you never received in a fun, honest, and sacred way. 

That's why I created the Moon-to-Moon Program

If you're ready to...


  • Teach your daughter about the 4 phases of her menstrual cycle, hormones and how they correspond to the cycles of the moon.

  • Show her how to support her body, mind and spirit with diet, herbal therapies and self care?

  • Let her be empowered with self knowledge and know how to support herself throughout her menstrual cycles

Then this program is for you both! 


What is it? 

A self study course that includes 5 videos of lectures and an electronic workbook with activities and journal recommendations to continue your learning

  • Week 1 - Introduction to the Phases of the moon cycle, moon tea, journaling

  • Week 2 - Anatomy, hormones and phases of the menstrual cycle 

  • Week 3- Nutrition, meal hygiene, nutrients: vitamins, minerals, herbs 

  • Week 4 - Herbal medicine, amino acid therapies, vitamins, minerals to help with mood, sleep and pain

  • Week 5- Self care practices 

How does it work?

Each week you'll be sent an email containing your teaching which will focus on targeted ways to support the body, mind and spirit throughout the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle,


Who is this for?


Young women ages 9-16yrs old interested in learning about the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle, how to care for their body during each phase with natural therapies, nutrition and self care practices

When is it?

On demand, whenever it works in your schedule!


Where is it?

From the comfort of your home, desk, beach, backyard or wherever you are!


How much is it?

$125/ £99

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