Meet The Team


Dr. April Blake ND, LM

April is a Naturopathic doctor who works to empower her patients through education, emphasizing preventive medicine, joy as an

elixir for healing,

and the innate healing potential of the human body. She is proficient in botanical/herbs, homeopathic, nutritional

and physical medicine, and treats a wide variety of conditions including endocrine imbalances, immune system disorders and stress, always focusing on the root cause of the disease. She is also versed in the use of Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.


April received her BA from UC Santa Barbara and her ND and LM from Bastyr University, in Seattle, WA. She has additional training in amino acid therapy, which can be used to treat mood disorders, including anxiety and depression. In addition, as a Licensed Midwife, April can provide prenatal

and postpartum guidance.


Milad Meamarian, ND

Milad is the Virtual Pain & Stress Dr., an insightful ND who has worked with hundreds of clients to relieve their acute or chronic pain and stress. Whether you want to increase your fitness and longevity or are experiencing chronic health issues, he utilizes the best of modern medicine and ancient wisdom to assist you on your journey. He meets people where they are and works with them towards greater wellness, happiness and knowledge of their own infinite potential. 


When you have hit your limit, Milad stacks the deck in your favor by pinpointing and removing the underlying issues preventing you from moving forward with your goals and dreams. He helps clients decrease overthinking, overemotionalizing and overworrying and address the hidden weaknesses sabotaging their well-being.


Milad received his BFA from George Mason University and his ND from  Bastyr University, where he focused on mental health and chronic pain/fatigue. He is also an Usui Reiki practitioner and Yuen Method Master. Using the science of natural intelligence, Milad helps clients tap into their body’s perfect original design, ensuring that their body/mind/spirit are aligned and strongly working together for their highest good. 


As a young man, chronic back 

pain set Milad on a journey to 

find more than ways to just cope with pain and illness. He wanted answers that actually resolved 

the situation and techniques to 

increase well-being from the inside out. After regaining 

his own health, he shares the safest and most effective tools he has found with those who are still looking for their answers!


Tracy Schiff,

Virtual Assistant

I am a Certified Health Coach and Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner®.  I also completed the ADAPT Framework Level One Course at the Kresser Institute for Functional and Evolutionary Medicine.  I work as a Health Coach privately and am a Practice Manager and/or Virtual Assistant at 7 different Functional Medicine or Naturopathic Doctor's offices throughout the U.S. including the wonderful Solstice Naturopathic Medicine!


Gwen Hogeboom,

Office Manager

Hello Solstice viewers! 

I am Gwen Hogeboom assisting Dr. Blake with the

sauna room and performing various tasks relating to her practice.  Loving the Marin area for it's weather, hiking, gardening as well as cultural events.  Looking forward to

meeting you, Welcome!